Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PDX Portable Food Revolution

First off, don't worry...I'm not going to cut my trailer in half, paint it pink and sell food out the back. But I'm always facinated and impressed when people do stuff like this. I was recently in Portland and fell in love with all of their food trailers. I've decided that we need more of this in Seattle and I wrote about it for my neighborhood blog.

Also featured on Crosscut!


  1. I love this. Well, I love all trailer business.

  2. me too! especially yours! i'm going back to Portland this week and hope to get some more photos. I think that somebody should start a blog just about trailer businesses. got more I could list?

  3. Hello... I and my Wife bought a 33 foot Airstream I am n process of converting to this very purpose.

    If you want to see a little of what its like to rip one of these things open and see whats "under the hood" you can check out ours...Vanessa started a page to watch the process also...

    P Daniel Di Napoli