Friday, August 28, 2009

new paint

As I mentioned before, I'm only doing a partial restoration. I'm not doing this to sell it, but to have fun with it. In this spirit I decided to go with a funky vintage looking color scheme of a pale flat yellow with a high gloss pea green stripe. I think it turned out pretty good.


  1. I'm redoing a 64 aloha camper and yours is awesome. I have so many questions for you; what type of paint did you use? did you paint the top? is your Aloha sticker OG? Did you put the drip edge back on after you painted? did you use a spryer? I live in SE Portland and trying to get this trailer done right. I appreciate your site and any words of wisdom.

  2. Hi Tiggy,

    I got my painting tips from here...
    I sprayed I used an industrial oil paint with a hardener, I just taped off everything that I didn't want painted like the Aloha sticker and I used a sprayer. I bought new drip rails, but I probably could have reused the old ones. I would recommend replacing all screws. I didn't repaint the top white section because I liked how old and funky it looked.

  3. Thanks, you did a great job! I tore into it tonight, I'm glad it's small! I've posted some before pics on Flickr! I can't wait to kick back and crack the first beer, Thanks again for your blog. Great link too thanks!